*HANDS-ON BODY SYSTEMS: DIAGRAMS, ACTIVITIES, Facial Anatomy Kits, Clay Sets, and Clay Tools!! Learn by doing to know forever!

*HANDS-ON BODY SYSTEMS: DIAGRAMS, ACTIVITIES, Facial Anatomy Kits, Clay Sets, and Clay Tools!! Learn by doing to know forever!
For any health science, anatomy, dental assistant, nursing, sports medicine, cosmetology, Ag/Vet tech., or biology instructor that needs hands-on activities and on body systems, these can be hard to come by and can be a unique problem.

Hands-On Body System DIAGRAMS and ACTIVITIES can provide you with lessons that are creative, informative, thorough, and fun for your students. Since the human body is so complex, these excellent building activities provide learning at its highest level and help students retain information for years. Students can retain these body systems projects and apply skills and pathology. Whether you are a new or experienced instructor, Hands-On Body Systems diagrams and lessons can help you save time and increase success with these activities by:

•Providing you with templates for each activity and contains everything you need to create a successful experience for students– no matter what body system(s) you are teaching..

•Providing you with plenty of choices. Whether you need to cover the skeletal system, the muscular system, or other key body systems, the Hands-On Body System modules can help you. The Hands-On Body System module provides the activity and the Star's Notes modules give you the content for each of the body’s key systems. The combination of using the Star's Notes modules and the Hands-On Body Systems can help you with your entire course or with just one unit you are having trouble articulating.

•Providing you with thorough information and ideas. You get everything you need to create fun and informative classes for your students and...the lessons are affordable and easy to execute with your class!

•Providing you with flexibility. These Hands-On lessons are created by a professional instructor with more than thirty years of classroom experience, so it is no wonder that each module and product is designed to be flexible. You will never be stuck with a preconceived, rigid lesson plan, body systems course unit, or project with Starla’s Creative Teaching Tips. There is plenty of room for you to use your own teaching preferences and to implement your own ideas into each lesson plan and learning unit.

If you need to develop a great class or series of classes about the human body, the Starla's modules can give you the lesson plan, body systems tips, and the resources you need. You will be able to teach your students in a way that helps them learn difficult material and actually enjoy learning with greater success. Many teachers already trust Starla’s Creative Teaching Tips to help them develop better classes.

The Facial Anatomy Kit, Forensic Kit, clay tools, and clay sets are here for you to be able to provided these lessons for students at an extremely affordable price. Average cost of these lessons is $5-$7/student! Amazing learning tools at an affordable price!